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I video del Festival dell'Economia, edizione 2015.

Alex Zanardi: The Challenge of Sustainable Competition

At Trento Festival of Economics 2015, Alex Zanardi, the racing driver and champion, writer and President of the Fondazione Vodafone, shared his view about technology, innovative business idea and competition during the conference "The Challenge of Sustainable Competition"

An American student at Trento Festival of Economics 2015

Claudia, student at James Madison University, will lead you to the main locations of Trento Festival of Economics 2015. Enjoy the tour!

James Boughton, No longer the Bretton Woods era

At Trento Festival of Economics 2015, James Boughton, CIGI Senior Fellow and former historian at the International Monetary Fund, during the CIGI Lecture "Can the IMF reduce global Inequality?", talked about how to deal with private sector creditors.

Thomas Piketty: social equity will change capitalism

Thomas Piketty during the Trento Festival of Economics 2015 talked about the relations between capitalism and social equity.
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